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5 Stubborn Stains that professional carpet cleaning in Dayton can clean so well, almost as if it never happened.

Carpets are one of the best parts when it comes to your home’s furnishings. They feel super nice when you are walking around on them or when you see your kids or pets playing on the carpets.

At least that’s much better than letting them wander on cold hardwood floors. But, all these activities on the carpets lead to one BIG problem.

Yes, you are right, we are talking about stains. And carpets have a problem with letting go of stains. Because of your carpet’s love affair with these ugly stains, you end up inheriting a stubborn stain that just won’t go. We all can agree that those big ugly stains aren’t exactly a proud addition to our living room’s ambiance. 

So the moment something like this happens your first instinct is to come at it with everything you’ve to get rid of it and avoid any permanent damage. But DIY may not be the best idea and it might end up causing the same permanent damage that you wish to avoid.

For example, no stain solution can clean up the stain 100% (no matter what their, marketing team claims). This means even after putting in a lot of time and effort into cleaning the stain you might end up with a permanent mark in the middle of your living room.

That is NOT a good picture. Plus some solutions that promise a great deal end up actually damaging the carpet instead of repairing it. What’s more? If you pour just a little more solution than needed for the job, you’ll end up with a permanent stain that’s seeped into the binding of your carpet which CAN NOT be removed, not even by a professional.

Finally, without the right training and tools, you’ll end up scrubbing or rubbing which will spread the stain and increase the area it affects instead of getting rid of it.

So what’s the solution? Well call a professional and say good-bye to the stains, so much so that it’s almost like the stain never happened. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 of the most stubborn carpet stains and how our professional technicians at AreaWide get rid of it to the roots of the problem (pun intended 😉 )

Pet urine

Pet Urine Stain on CarpetPets are lovely little creatures, we all love them. They really help us turn the four structures that we call a house into a home we look forward to going to after a long and tiring day at work. But with pets comes pet accidents.

Yes, I am talking about cat urine and dog urine on your carpet. If you are lucky enough you’ll see it immediately and get a chance to blot it out. The carpet will look like the accident never happened but blotting won’t completely remove the urine. And never enough to call the carpet ‘safe for kids’.

Also, most of the times you aren’t as lucky and little Husky isn’t so innocent to tell you what he did to the carpet. The stain sets in before you smell it to notice something is wrong. Once the stain has set, you are never fully getting rid of the stain and the odor, Not without professional tools and training.

So, what dod you do? Just give us a call on …. and we’ll send over a technician to come down and take care of it like- you guessed it – like it never happened.

Coffee stains

Coffee Stain on Carpet

It’s a lazy Sunday, too lazy even for church and you are jutting on the couch watching Netflix sipping your coffee and the next thing you know SPLAT! There goes a permanent stain on your beloved carpet.

Plus, DIY clean up jobs for coffee stains can be a hell of a lot of work and yet not give you the perfect results that you’d hoped.

If you have a friend who has tried DIY clean up for coffee stain he’ll tell you to tell you about the work that went in and also show you the stain that’s still alive and well.

Well, why go for lengthly, ineffective methods when our professional technicians and tools can get you perfect results and a ‘clean as new’ carpet in a jiffy?


Blood Stain on Carpet

If you have a bloodstain on the carpet it’s either because something really terrible happened or it’s just a really embarrassing bodily thing that happened in the wrong place.

Either way, you don’t want to have to explain ‘how did that happen’ to anyone.

Especially the guests that are coming over during the weekend. Plus blood dries up real quick. Which they can’t be cleaned without soap. That combination leaves very little room for error and the slightest of mistakes can lead to strange permanent (and embarrassing) marks/stains on your carpet.

Well, why go through the hassle when you can just call us and relax? Rest assured, with their professional tools and training, our cleaning technicians will get rid of the bloodstain like it never happened. So that there’s no explaining needed for anybody.

Wine stains

Wine stain on carpet

If you have faced this, you already know how it can turn a lovely, romantic evening into a nightmare. Especially more so if you decide not to ruin the evening and take care of it ‘tomorrow’.

Plus it’s one of the hardest stains to clean and you’ve wasted red wine. A truly sad day! Plus if you’ve had the heart and energy to try the impossible ‘recommended DIY methods’ you already know they don’t really work or give perfect results.

Even grandma can tell that something happened.

Well, here’s a tip – skip the hassle, give us a call. Let’s make your carpet new again. (Hay I am apolitical ok! 😉 )

Crayons or Gum

Chewing gum stuck on carpet

Have you ever come across a problem that looks easier to solve than it actually is?

Like gum or crayon on your carpet?

The thing with these kinds of problems is – you jump in with all you got and the more you try the more impossible it becomes. You start with ‘I’ll just scratch it off’ and oh boy, the more you scratch the more it spreads. And before you know it, what was once a tiny freckle of an issue has now ruined a good bit of your carpet space.

You know with the right tools it can be removed FULLY. Like it never happened. So why take all the pain when you may not get perfect results. Just give us a call and let us take care of it for you.

How does it work if you give us a call?

It’s very simple, we schedule a cleaning session, and then our technician arrives at your address with all the necessary equipment.

He then inspects the damage to evaluate the appropriate method for cleaning.

He does his job and leaves you with a smile and a carpet that’s as good as new.

Here’s what one of our happy past customers has to say about our stain removal service

Review by a happy Customer of AreaWide Chem Dry, Dayton Ohio

This isn’t the only one, we’ve got hundreds of similar testimonials across different platforms from happy past customers who can’t stop raving about our carpet cleaning services and the results they got.


So call up and let us help you truly forget the accidents that happened on your carpet.

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