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5 Stubborn Stains that professional carpet cleaning in Dayton can clean so well, almost as if it never happened.

Areawide Chemdry Featured Image

Carpets are one of the best parts when it comes to your home’s furnishings. They feel super nice when you are walking around on them or when you see your kids or pets playing on the carpets. At least that’s much better than letting them wander on cold hardwood floors. But, all these activities on … Read more

6 Allergies You Can Avoid by Cleaning Your Carpet

Dust Allergy from Carpets

If you’re at home and continuously bombarded by the need to sneeze or an itch, then you might need to question what else your big beautiful carpet is doing other than cozying and pretty-flying up your home… We are definitely not saying that we doubt your carpet cleaning superpowers. But you need to understand that … Read more

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